Friends of HolyCross

Friends of Holy Cross   





Who are the Friends of Holy Cross?

Any friends of the school and that currently consists of 16 active members with Lisa Cairns as Chair, Stacey Currie as Vice Chair, Kate Wedgebury as Secretary and Celine Kowalska as Treasurer

What do the Friends of Holy Cross do?

Raise funds for the school

How do we do it?

Summer Fair

Christmas Fair

Events such as Fashion Shows, Movie Nights, Discos & Easter egg hunt

Sports Day refreshments

What do we raise the money for?

First Holy Communion breakfast and gifts for all the children

Year 6 leaver’s party

Spooky Disco

Christmas Disco

Christmas selection boxes and crackers

Christmas Tree

Funds towards trips, e.g. coach for the Year 5/6 residential

Refreshments for Carols by Candlelight


The Friends of Holy Cross funds have also paid for 7 x iPads, new playground markings, new sports kits, a table tennis table, the buddy bench, school flag for sports events, Wii controllers, a gazebo, a small freezer for ice creams and so on….

We now have our very own facebook page so please do give us a like. Search FOHC – Friends of Holy Cross. We aim to advertise all our events and upcoming meetings on the page so please look out for u

We always need more people to join the FOHC.  As our children leave the school, so as members do we, and it would be a great shame if we couldn’t continue the great work that we do. We are all volunteers and fully understand that life is busy, and time is precious, but the more people we have on board, the less there is for people to do as jobs can be shared and we can all enjoy the events as well as helping out at them. Having new people brings new ideas and even if you can only help out at one of the events – you don’t realise how much that would be appreciated.

Please do get in touch at if you have any questions or would like to help in any way.


Friends of Holy Cross have a long term project they are raising funds for. This is to create shaded areas around the playground and pitch. This is going to cost approximately £9000 so every event that you support is bringing us closer to reaching that goal. 

Our first one is booked to be installed the week commencing 3rd September or during the holidays if a space becomes available! 

This means that £2500 has already been raised to get started on the project. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT.

The FOHC team did a fantastic job at sports day. Look at how much they raised:

Events throughout the Year:

Kids on the catwalk: £250

Spooky disco £40

Christmas craft fair £1252

KS1 performance: £156

Movie night: £82

Pizza and quiz night: £55

Egg hunt £270

Arty party:£20

Race night: £304

Escape room:£59

Sports day: £487

FOHC's biggest event is still to come!

Circus coming to town! (Well Holy Cross). On Friday September 21st, this is what will be on our school playing field. How exciting!

The Big Reveal !

Supporting this massive event, will make reaching this goal even more of a reality.