Achievements outside of School


Many of our children are extremely busy outside of school. The activities range from sport, to music and drama. This page will be used to show the wide range of talents and interests our children develop outside of school.

This huge trophy was won for achieving 2nd place at a Stealth fight night. It was a tag team competition!

An award for great voice projection at drama group! 

                                                                         Just the perfect cub!

We are so proud of our Year 6 pupil who came first in the British Athletics Cross Country Challenge at Cardiff. 

 Mollie and Evie regularly take part in dance festival during the weekends. They do solos, troupe dances and a lyrical dance together.


2nd December saw this pupil show her talents off at swimming. Look carefully at her certificates!


A budding actor who has been in pantomime.

She belongs to Coalville Adult School Drama and attends the group each Friday.


This Year 1 pupil has achieved level 4                                                                                                              trampolining.