Sports Events

Representing the County in County Cross Country Finals

Because of their success in Cross Country races throughout the season, some of our children gained places on the county team. They raced at Prestwold Hall on Saturday 10th March. Well done to Molly, Marcus, Savana and Jack! 

Year 4 Hockey Experience

The hockey tournament at Castle Rock on Thursday 19th April was great fun and an enjoyable experience for everyone. The people who participated were Jakub, Ella, Marcus, Gracie, Kinley, Ben, Alfie, Lucas, Isaac, Maycee and Dominic.

The first match that we played was against Ellistown. The people who played in this match were Kinley, Gracie, Jakub, Isaac and Marcus. The first match we drew 2-1. In the second game, the people who played were Ben, Alfie, Lucas, Dominic and Maycee and that was against Thringstone School.

The next match we played was against St John the Baptist. We needed 1 more goal to get to the quarter final. Mr Morley said “Well done to everyone.” He told us that we did really well for our first tournament. The hockey was a good experience for everyone and we all had a lot of fun. Even though we lost some of the matches we still had an amazing time.

By Year 4 Hockey Team

Year 4 Tennis at Ashby Tennis Club

Year 4 took part in a School's Sports Partnership tennis competition. What an experience to play at a tennis club! 

Saffron Lane 21st June 2018

Teams from Year 3, 5 and 6 competed in athletics against North West Leicestershire schools. Here are our gold medalists.

 Getting in to the spirit of the World Cup 

Sportstars Uk work with our children on a weekly basis. However, Year 6 were in for a special extra treat this week. They had a whole day dedicated to the world cup. This was a day that touched all interests - creative design, science, writing as well as physical activity. The children looked at nutrition, designed kits, planned time tables and wrote reports and then played team games. What a great day! Thanks Sportstars UK coaches.