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The Governing Body

September 2017

We have a dedicated group here at Holy Cross who, with Mrs Minford and all the staff endeavour to ensure that each child who spends time at our school learns and grows and is valued as a unique creation. 

Our dedicated group of volunteers, The Governing Body, is made of members of our local community, parents, and school staff.  There are a few different types of Governors:

Foundation Governors, appointed by the Bishop from members of the parish, to ensure that the school is clearly recognisable as Christian in its ethos and following the gospel values.

Parent Governors, elected by parents.

Staff Governor, elected by the qualified teaching staff.

Support Staff Governor elected by the support staff. 

Government legislation and Ofsted requirements mean that Governors are becoming increasingly accountable for what they do and don’t do.  We act as a “critical friend” and challenge Mrs Minford to ensure that the school is doing to its best to guarantee that progress is made for all of our pupils.  We support and challenge Mrs Minford by gathering views, asking questions and negotiating the best direction for the school.

One of the strategic decisions we made was in 2013 to appoint Mrs Minford as our Head Teacher to look after the day to day running of the school focusing on the quality of teaching within the school.  If you imagine Holy Cross as a football team, then the Governing Body would be the Board of Directors, expecting results from our team and wanting to be at the top of the league.  Mrs Minford would be the team manager, recruiting and developing the players, choosing which formation to play in and making other tactical decisions.  Along with Mrs Minford we make strategic decisions and we are accountable for the performance of the school.  You will see from the website that our schools data for each year will be available; we use this data to inform the strategic direction of the school.  We also have a financial commitment to ensure that the school’s budget is used efficiently and that the building and outdoor areas are properly and safely maintained.

We meet at least once a term as a Full Governing Body but also have various smaller committees and undertake, regular, formal school visits throughout the school year.

There is a robust complaints procedure within school whereby initial concerns should be raised with the class teacher and / or Mrs Minford.  You are welcome to contact the Chair of Governors should you feel dissatisfied with how any complaint is being managed. 

It is important that everyone who comes into contact with our school has an awareness of who is on the Governing Body and what their role is. We hope this has given you some insight into who we are and what we do, if you would like to speak further with any Governor then please approach us at parents evening or contact us via the new Governor email.


The Holy Cross Governing Body

 Please find below some information you might find useful about each of us:

Mrs S Tebbett - Parent Governor

Mrs K Wedgebury - Parent Governor

Nichola Ward – Elected Support Staff Governor responsible for LAC

Siobhan Minford – HeadTeacher

To read the Code of Conduct that applies to all Governors please click here to download.

To read the Terms of Reference for Governors Committees click the appropriate highlighted area:

 click here to download terms of reference for the Curriculum Committee.

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