At Holy Cross our Curriculum is very important to us.  We want children to have as many opportunities to be the best they can be.

From September 2004 our Curriculum has been adapted to meet the new Statutory Requirements.

The children are developing their own learning habits which are incorporated into all learning opportunities. They are encouraged to:

  • Challenge themselves
  • Never give up
  • Be confident and positive
  • Learn from their mistakes
  • Be independent

At Holy Cross, we use a point system in English and Maths to measure progress. These points are set against the expectations for each Year group which are national expectations set by the DFE. In other areas of the curriculum, teachers again assess children against the expectations of the National Curriculum and we look at children working towards expected, at expected and working above.

The New Curriculum is about children being masters of their Year group's expectations and not being pushed into other Year group's work too early. Each year is about challenge and consolidation. Through problem solving activities, your child will be able to show their depth of understanding within each topic.

Lesson activities are always based around a series of challenges which are designed to meet the needs of individual children. Children progress through the challenges at different rates and start at different points. With this way of working, we believe that we are meeting the needs of all children.