Curriculum Gallery


Year 4 have been learning about the Shang Dynasty. Watch this video made by Daisy and Kian to learn more.

James, Hannah and George have also made their documentary about the Shang Dynasty.

Year 5 have studied World war 2. To appreciate the events of this period of History, they got into role to visit Beaumanor Hall. The photos show the great time they had in bringing this time alive!

Year 6 Music

Year 6 are using ICT to compose a short piece of music to fit to an instrumental part of 'I'll be there' by the Jackson 5.


Year 2 and 3 Animation Project linked to Science. Please click on each name to view their work.

 Alicia and Zane animation

Charlie and Raphael Animation

Danny and Evie Animation

Lily and Elwood

Ivy and Christina Animation

Jack and Mollie Animation

Mikey and Hayden Animation

Millie and Joseph animation

Noah and Jace-James animation

Noah and Jayden Animation

Sam and Thomas Animation

Shya and Melody Animation

Tilly and Ava Animation

Tommy and Isaac Animation