Information for Parents


For parents seeking admission to Holy Cross in September 2018 please see our admission policy under the "Policies," tab in the main menu.

Can we advise parents that applications from non-catholic families are warmly welcome and admission is often granted.

Parents wishing to make an application to 4+ for September 2018 must apply to Leicestershire County Council.  This application can be made online.  Once the school has been notified of applications made Supplementary information forms will be sent from the school to the applicants.  These must be completed and sent back to the school within 5 days.  These forms will contain important information that will allow the school to rank their applications.  Applications for our Nursery class are made directly to the school and forms can be obtained from the school office or under the Nursery tab in the menu.

Once the application stage is completed and all information is collected , parents will be notified of their success or failure at obtaining a place.  This notification will be sent on April 2018 and parents will receive it on the same day.  Parents then have 20 working school days to appeal should they not be satisfied with the outcome.

This appeal should be made in writing to the Clerk to Governors, care of the school.  The appeal will be arranged on behalf of the Governors by the Catholic Schools Appeal Service and will be heard by an independent panel.  The decision of the panel will be binding on the school.  Please see the school policy for further details