The characteristic we will be looking out for over the next fortnight is COURAGE.

Class 6 news
On Thursday, year 6 went on an adventure around Whitwick. We were asking the public about what they think about The Hermitage Leisure being moved. ... Read on
Today’s English lesson in Year 3 and 4
Today , we have been writing about the Amazon Rainforest in English. In this we have put a dilemma about if they should stop cutting down the trees or carry on. A dilemma is when someone has two choices and have to pick what is the right thing to do... Read on
Year 2’s Liturgy
Our liturgy today was based on co-operate with others when we work and play.  ... Read on
Inspired to play 3 little birds
 I can play Three little Birds on the piano to the whole class. I even did an introduction with the low c and the high c. ... Read on
Welcome to Nursery’s Chinese restaurant!
We’ve been learning about Chinese New Year in Nursery. The children enjoyed tasting rice, noodles and prawn crackers. They were really good at using chopsticks.    ... Read on
Year 1 Non fiction investigations.
Finding some interesting facts is fun. ... Read on
Year 2 Antelope
Using warm and cool colours.  ... Read on
Year 2 Hippos!
Using warm and cool colours.  ... Read on
Year 2 Fox
Using warm and cool colours.  ... Read on
Year 2 Display
Our display about St Bernadette.  ... Read on
Year 1 non - fiction skills
Investigating non- fiction books. Enjoying working as a team. ... Read on
Year 2 Pollock
Year 2 have been learning about Jackson Pollock and these are our paintings inspired by his artwork. Can you guess what animal we are trying to portray?  ... Read on
Year 3 and 4 News
In music we have been learning about reggae music. We have been focusing on Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. Today's learning challenge was: Can you compose a short piece of music, using the notes c and d, that will fit in the instrumental pa... Read on
Reception Class News
A didgeridoo expert in the Reception Class. We have been exploring instruments from around the world. ... Read on
Year 3 Fundraisers
We organised a book sale at St Joseph's Tearooms. We made £10 to give to CAFOD. We think we might use the money to buy a chicken or a goat. ... Read on
Class 6 news
Yesterday, class five and six went to St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Multi-academy feast day. We made posters to give to another school. Ava from year six and Isaiah  from year five took the poster up to the altar and they brought back a new one wh... Read on
St Thomas Aquinas MAT
Today, all schools from our Academy Trust are gathered together to celebrate the feast day of St Thomas Aquinas ... Read on
Year 3 and 4 News
   We have been busy scientists. We have investigated how high we need to drop a ball at, to be heard from 5 metres away. We have predicted how high it will need to be to be heard from that height. We found that below 30 cm the ball cou... Read on
Reception News
Reception class are very busy building their igloo. They need lots of plastic bottles with their lids on if anyone can help. . ... Read on
Class 6 news
Today we had a PE lesson which was street dance and made up our own routine. ... Read on