The Characteristic we will be looking for over the next fortnight is CONCENTRATION.
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Senior Leadership Team
  • Mrs Minford - Headteacher
  • Miss Breeze - Assistant Headteacher & Yr 4/5 jobshare
Teaching Staff
  • Mrs Hutchinson - 4+ teacher
  • Mrs Rice - Year 1
  • Mrs Paunoiu - Year 2
  • Miss Ryan - Year 3
  • Mrs Dolan - Year 4/5 teacher (Jobshare)
  • Mrs Smith - Year 6 teacher 
  • Mr Saxton - SENCO (Part-Time)
Teaching Assistants

Mr Morley                      Mrs Mackridge             Mrs Tranmer     Miss Johnson

Mrs Wilkinson               Mrs Richard               Mr Fantuzzi

Mrs Danvers                   Mrs Whelton             Mrs Ward

Nursery Assistants

Ms Powney

Mrs Paunoiu

Mrs Harrison

Miss Horley

Finance Assistant

Mrs Jordan

Admin Staff

 Miss Priest                

Premises Officer

Mr Bowler

Cleaning Staff

Mrs Firth

Lunchtime Supervisors 

Mr Fantuzzi              Mrs Daley

Mr Morley                 Mrs Jeffcock

ICT Technician

Mr Robey (Primo IT)



Published 14th November 2018