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The Governing Body

September 2018

We have a dedicated group here at Holy Cross who, with Mrs Minford and all the staff endeavour to ensure that each child who spends time at our school learns and grows and is valued as a unique creation. 

Our dedicated group of volunteers, The Governing Body, is made of members of our local community, parents, and school staff.  There are a few different types of Governors:

Foundation Governors, appointed by the Bishop from members of the parish, to ensure that the school is clearly recognisable as Christian in its ethos and following the gospel values.

Parent Governors, elected by parents.

The Holy Cross Governing Body

 Please find below some information you might find useful about each of us:

Mr Gerry Hirst - Chair of Governors

Mrs S Tebbett - Vice Chair of Governors  Foundation Governor

Miss Claire Worthington - Foundation Governor

Mrs Jacqui Patchett - Parent Governor

Siobhan Minford – Headteacher


To see the results of the latest questionnaire conducted by Governors please click here.


Published 7th December 2018